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Last update: 2008.12.11

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And do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know (it).

Al - Baqara,Quran

The name Zazai shows my belonging to clan Zazi.
I was born 1969 in a country, which can't get peace.
I raised under communist dictatorship looking for freedom.
Searching for truth, I meet Islam.
Ended up in Germany, I hope to be understood as a human.
Although, I haven't seen my country for long time, I still love it...
But I have found new homeland, though some compatriots don't believe me.

With God's love, I hope to be on the right path and meet rational people,
as intelligent enemy is better as a stupid friend.

"O God give me serinity, to accept things, which I can't change; courage to change things,
which I can change, and wisdom to distinguish one from another."
Friedrich Ötinger 1702 - 1782